2016 - Sponsors

  font color= Our thanks to our 2016 Harvest Home sponsors... ...Data by Design, Mike Richards, Nathan Ponsillo, Western Fuels, Clarks International, Wessex Water, Glastonbury Spring Water, Media Edge, J C Porter Plant Hire, South West Marquees, Mercedes-Benz of Taunton, The Crown Inn, Riverford Organic Vegetables, UK Roads Limited, Western Fuels, The Duck at Burtle, Court Farm Butchers, Vintage Wheels, Rob the Boilerman, Shapwick School, E J Godwins, Fans and Blowers, M Frank and Son, Ginny Rideout - Cambridge Weight Plan, Living Homes, Cornish Mutual Insurance, Chris and Lyn Puddy, The Pipers Inn, Wookey Hole, Richard and Rosemary Tucker, Dave Gardner, Art, Event Lighting, Quantock Caravan Services, Mike Jones, Put-A-Name-On-It, Crispin Crafts & Haberdashery, Event Lighting Sound and AV Ltd, Tolchards Drinks, Brews and Bites, Morrison's Glastonbury, Hill Farm Equestrian, Andy and Sue Ball, Richard and Janet Dallimore, J Sainsbury's, Somerset Local Food Direct, H & M Lee and Sons, Andrew and Susan Ball, Countrywide Farmers Ltd, Tesco's, Monkton Elm, The Flower Factory, Rich's Cider Farm, Roger Wilkins, ...     ...
  The Harvest Home is arranged primarily for the benefit of the villagers, however, the evening event is open to anyone in the area.  In order to meet the cost of this event we are pursuing a number of fund-raising initiatives, however, we do rely heavily on sponsorship from local businesses and suppliers to the village.  In return for sponsorship you will receive acknowledgement in the program, a link from our web site and posters around the event on the day.  Early sponsorship is encouraged to get the maximum publicity from your donation.

We will be publishing a list of sponsorship opportunities in due course, the meantime, if you are interested in helping out with the cost or can supply goods/services for the day itself please contact: Steve Allen,
T: 01278 723492, E: sga@databydesign.co.uk.

Our thanks to the following companies who have sponsored this year's event.

  Current Sponsors: Link to website Items Sponsored
  Mercedes Taunton www.mercedes-benzoftaunton.co.uk/ Wristbands
  Glastonbury Spring Water www.glastonburyspringwater.co.uk Water
  Media Edge www.mediaedgeuk.co.uk/ Printing
  Mike Richards   Field for Parking
  Nathan Ponsillo   Field for Marquee
  Data by Design Limited www.databydesign.co.uk Website/Publicity
  J C Porter Plant Hire   Large Pole
  Put A Name On It www.panoi.biz Donation
  South West Marquees www.southwestmarquees.co.uk Marquee
  Riverford Organic Vegetables Ltd www.riverford.co.uk/ Voucher
  The Crown Inn, Catcott www.crowninncatcott.co.uk/ Voucher and prize
  The Crown Inn, Catcott www.crowninncatcott.co.uk/ Scarecrow Competition
  Wessex Water www.wessexwater.co.uk Raffle Prize
  Clarks International www.clarks.co.uk Voucher
  Western Fuels www.westernfuel.co.uk Raffle Prize
  UK Roads Limited www.ukroadsltd.com Chair
  The Duck at Burtle www.theduckatburtle.co.uk Fancy Dress
  Court Farm Butchers www.courtfarm.org Hoops and Baskets
  Court Farm Butchers www.courtfarm.org Scarecrow Competition
  Court Farm Butchers www.courtfarm.org Fancy Dress
  Vintage Wheels www.vintage-wheels.co.uk Donation
  Rob the Boilerman   Large Pole
  Shapwick School www.shapwickchool.com  Creche
  E J Godwins   Tug of War
  M Franks and Sons   Donation
  Fans and Blowers www.fansandblowers.com Large Pole
  Ginny Rideout www.cambridgeweightplan.co.uk/Ginny Large Pole
  Living Homes www.livinghomes.co.uk Large Pole
  Cornish Mutual www.cornishmutual.co.uk  Large Pole
  Chris and Lyn Puddy   Hoops and Baskets
  The Pipers Inn www.pipers-inn.com Prizes
  Wookey Hole www.wookey.co.uk Prizes
  Richard and Rosemary Tucker   Donation
  Art   Donation
  Dave Gardner   Donation
  Cornish Mutual Insurance www.cornishmutual.co.uk Donation
  Roberts Waste Disposal www.robertsasbestos.co.uk Equipment Hire
  Countrywide www.countrywidefarmers.co.uk Prize
  Dave Gardner   Donation
  Quantock Caravan Services   Donation
  Mike Jones   Donation
  Crispin Crafts & Haberdashery   Donation
  The Ritz Cinema http://www.ritz-burnham.co.uk/ Prize
  Event Lighting Sound and AV Ltd www.elsav.co.uk Equipment Hire
  Tolchards Drinks www.tolchards.com Prizes
  Brews and Bites   Donation
  Morrison's Glastonbury http://www.morrisons.com Prize
  Hill Farm Equestrian http://www.hillfarmequestriancentre.co.uk/ Donation
  H & M Lee and Sons   Donation
  Richard and Janet Dallimore   Donation
  J Sainsbury's https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/ Prizes
  Somerset Local Food Direct https://www.localfooddirect.co.uk/ Prizes
  Andy and Sue Ball   Donation
  Tescos www.tescos.com Prize
  Countrywide www.countrywidefarmers.co.uk Prize
  Andrew and Susan Ball   Donation
  Steve and Jane Allen   Prize
  Monkton Elms www.monktonelmgardencentre.co.uk Prize
  Rich's Cider Farm www.richscider.co.uk Prize
  Roger Wilkins www.wilkinscider.co.uk Prize
  The Flower Factory   Flowers

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